About us

Endeavour Vision invests in exceptional medtech companies, led by extraordinary teams, working on big ideas with the potential to meaningfully improve standard of care

Our Approach

Endeavour Vision has been investing in life sciences for almost two decades but began developing its medtech practice in 2008. Since 2013, we have focused exclusively on medtech, as we recognised the need for both capital and deep experience in the sector. Our team brings over 100 years of Medtech experience in both operating and investing roles and is uniquely positioned to help companies succeed in the space.

Investing involves much more than simply deploying capital. Creating value demands trust, and our success depends on teamwork and our hands-on approach.

Our team combines an ideal mix of investor expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and deep domain knowledge in technology and life sciences. We help innovators and entrepreneurs grow and develop thriving businesses.

Our Values
Making an impact to deliver real change

We believe that medtech can change the standard of care for millions of people and we want to make a meaningful impact through our work. We seek partners who share our vision.

We invest in companies who share our ethos of dedication, integrity and passion to deliver change. The teams we back have game-changing ideas that can revolutionise the way medicine is practiced.

Working in true partnership

Endeavour Vision was founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship, and that philosophy threads through everything we do.

We believe investments are about more than just capital. We believe that successful investments require mutual trust and respect among extraordinary people working together toward a common goal.

We believe in getting involved. We know what it takes to help fast-growing companies succeed. We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs across their businesses: from high-level strategy to basic financial discipline, and everything in between.

We know long-term success is based on helping innovators every step of the way – through good times and bad – to grow and develop their ideas into a thriving business.

Creating Value

Endeavour Vision’s team comprises – by design – a diverse range of competencies. Drawing on our complementary backgrounds and networks, we work to create value for both innovators and investors.

We have a strong track record of delivering solid investment returns. Thanks to our unrivalled industry knowledge and proven strategy, we know we can help entrepreneurs who work with us prosper. Any company we invest in needs to pass through in-depth due diligence and meet our strict criteria.

Building Relationships

“As a trusted Board Member and Partner, Endeavour Vision brings a wealth of operational and financial experience to the team.  They are interested in building companies the right way and creating a foundation for long-term accelerated growth, through a collaborative and detailed approach.  Endeavour has always been a positive influence on our company and market.  They are not only interested in representing transformational technologies but ensuring those technologies bring significant benefit to patients across the globe.”

Chris Owens,

President & CEO,


“As the founding investor in CeQur, Endeavour Vision has been a great partner over the years, providing strategic input, on-going support, and novel financing. The Endeavour Board Members bring a wealth of experience in R&D management, organizational management, marketing, regulatory affairs, clinical evaluation, and quality thus providing a resource for the CeQur management team to leverage as we work towards developing a successful product that will help thousands of patients with T2 diabetes achieve better glycemic control.”

Robert Farra,



“We find in Endeavour Vision a unique and highly-sophisticated team, which adds significant value to our commercialization ramp-up. This includes strategic input, organizational development and talent acquisition. They’re an investment team which works closely with management to identify creative solutions to complex issues, leading to maximum value creation for the enterprise. I highly recommend Endeavour Vision as a valuable venture partner.”

Earl R. Fender,

President and CEO,