What we Look for

We believe that successful investments demand a partnership that combines the right people, with the right experience, and the right approach. Ours is a team made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Thanks to our background, we know what it takes to help a young company succeed in medtech and so we bring more to our investment than just capital. Medtech companies can rely on us to support them throughout their journey – sharing our professional insights and opening doors across our networks.

We work with companies developing technologies that have the potential to be market leaders: first-in-class or best-in-class. In general, we only invest following an initial regulatory approval, and typically require at least early clinical data to support our assessment of the technology and the opportunity. Many of our portfolio companies look to us to help fund larger clinical trials, product portfolio expansion, or geographic growth. Of course, we are also looking for companies with good financial prospects and attractive margin structures.

In general, companies need to fulfil three main investment criteria before we will consider an investment.

Strong market potential / clinical needs
Medtech is evolving at a rapid pace. The field is experiencing innovation, product evolution, and commercialization on a global scale not seen before. This dynamic context creates an opportunity to work with some truly innovative and inspiring companies to make a real impact.
World-class technology / product
We want to work with companies that have a clear competitive or technological advantage in their field. They should have big aspirations and look to develop a global market for their products.
Ambitious, agile and seasoned management team
Endeavour Vision’s investment is about more than just capital. We invest in people. We look for entrepreneurs and management teams with experience, intelligence, drive, and passion. They must want to succeed in a highly competitive, extremely volatile, and fast-moving global market.
What we Offer

One of our greatest strengths is the impact we have in helping our portfolio companies achieve their objectives. We don’t stand on the sidelines. We engage at all levels of the business to help the company prosper – working in partnership and offering support.

We invest for the long-term. We know global success doesn’t come overnight and it takes time to develop a thriving business. We want entrepreneurs to use our network and expertise to its fullest extent – that’s why we give our innovators total access to our team at every stage of our relationship.

While there are number of other investment firms out there who invest in medtech, there are no other companies like Endeavour Vision, fully dedicated to medtech with global experience. Thanks to our specialised team and tested strategy, we really are leaders.

Successful investments in medtech, no matter how the sector changes in the years to come, are dependent on having a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and being truly hands-on in investment. No other company has our real life experience in growing global medtech businesses. No other company has our passion and desire to work with the people that are pioneering the way medicine is practiced.

“As a trusted Board Member and Partner, Endeavour Vision brings a wealth of operational and financial experience to the team. They are interested in building companies the right way and creating a foundation for long-term accelerated growth, through a collaborative and detailed approach. Endeavour has always been a positive influence on our company and market. They are not only interested in representing transformational technologies but ensuring those technologies bring significant benefit to patients across the globe.”

Christopher M. Owens, President & CEO, Gynesonics

“We find in Endeavour Vision a unique and highly-sophisticated team, which adds significant value to our commercialization ramp-up. This includes strategic input, organizational development and talent acquisition. They’re an investment team which works closely with management to identify creative solutions to complex issues, leading to maximum value creation for the enterprise. I highly recommend Endeavour Vision as a valuable venture partner.”

Earl R. Fender, President & CEO, Vertiflex

"As the founding investor in CeQur, Endeavour Vision has been a great partner over the years, providing strategic input, on-going support, and novel financing. The Endeavour Board Members bring a wealth of experience in R&D management, organizational management, marketing, regulatory affairs, clinical evaluation, and quality thus providing a resource for the CeQur management team to leverage as we work towards developing a successful product that will help thousands of patients with T2 diabetes achieve better glycemic control."

Robert Farra, CEO, CeQur Corporation

"Chrono Therapeutics has been very pleased and impressed with Endeavour Vision medical product experience and domain knowledge. They have been engaged, supportive, thoughtful partners, particularly in the areas of regulatory strategy and product development."

Alan Levy, former CEO, Chrono Therapeutics

"Endeavour Vision's team brought an in-depth knowledge of our field – highlighted by impressive and thorough 360° due diligence, the long-term perspective required to build substantial companies, outstanding experience of bringing venture to financial success and an uncommon sense for team work. This is "smart money" at its best."

Jacques R. Essinger, CEO, Symetis

When you’re ready to take the next step in your business, it’s likely that you’ll start seeking capital. Raising venture capital is one of the most important parts of a young company’s life. Who you decide to work with may have a profound impact on the success of your company and yourselves. The source of your capital is as important as the investment itself.

It’s important to make sure you do sufficient due diligence on your potential investors. Things you need to consider are sector expertise, geography, network, personal chemistry, and what benefits your investor will bring to your company.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Endeavour Vision – how we operate, who we invest in, and what you can expect from our partnership.

The Investment Process

  • What kind of companies do you invest in and at which stage?
    We want to work with companies that have big ideas, passionate leaders, and a desire to change the future of healthcare. When we’re looking for a new investment opportunity, we look for a number of things. We want to invest in a company who has an idea that will really change the standard of patient care.
  • What countries do you invest in?
    We don’t restrict ourselves by geography. We’ve invested in both American and European companies in the past. We want to collaborate with the best businesses wherever they are based and help them expand. Thanks to the experience of our team in building global businesses, coupled with our network of contacts, we’re in a great position to help our portfolio companies expand into Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia.
  • What’s the size of your current fund?
    Endeavour Vision currently advises the largest medtech-dedicated fund in Europe of $280m – one that far exceeded its original target. The fund was over-subscribed so we’re keen to respond to that demand with a measured increased in our future fund sizes.
  • How much do you typically invest?
    The fund will typically invest between ten and twenty million euros into our portfolio companies over the life of the investment and through subsequent rounds. We also make sure we have additional reserves for each company. If required, we’ll also explore bring in other investors in the capital. However, capital isn’t the only investment we make. We know what it takes to run a business, and, more importantly, what it takes to run a successful business in the medtech sector. We bring this in-depth knowledge to each of our investments. Thanks to our extensive networks across the highest levels of the category, including with medical doctors and key opinion leaders we help the innovators in our portfolio grow and develop into thriving businesses.
  • Do you require a certain ownership percentage or a board seat?
    The ownership percentage will vary widely, based on a number of factors. However, we normally look to hold a stake of between 10% and 25%. We’re a hands-on investor. We want to have access to the business and for our innovators to have access to us – that’s why we normally take up a seat on the Board of Directors. That said, we believe the Board of Directors plays a crucial role in the success of the business. We want to help our portfolio companies build strong boards. By sharing our expertise and opening doors across our extensive network, we can help entrepreneurs build a board that will drive business forward.
  • What kind of investors does Endeavour Vision work with? Are you willing to co-invest as part of a syndicate?
    We advise funds coming from a range of sources. We work with family offices, pension funds, funds of funds, foundations, and sometimes partner with other venture capitalists. All of our investors have one thing in common: they are visionaries who share our appetite for success. They work with us in the long term, through good times and bad, building companies that will shape the future of healthcare. We normally co-invest with other venture capital firms, depending on the company’s capital needs and growth stage.
  • How do you value companies?
    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to valuation so we approach it from several angles. Firstly, we’ll apply a few valuation techniques specific to young companies such as the venture capital method, cash flow valuation or earnings valuation. We then compare the potential deal with other companies we’re aware of and their typical market valuation. Finally, we undertake a qualitative assessment of some of the more basic operational elements of the company. This could include the experience of the management, the development stage of the organisation, or the clinical impactor uniqueness of the product.
  • How long is your investment period?
    One of our key objectives with our investment is to grow our portfolio companies into thriving businesses. This means helping our innovators every step of the way – through good times and bad. One of the only limits we have in our investment period is the duration of our fund. This is usually capped at ten years. The average length of time it takes for us to help a young company succeed in the medtech sector is around five years.
  • What type of exit strategy do you prefer?
    Much like valuation, exit strategy depends on the team we’re working with. However it’s something that needs to be considered early on in the process. In the majority of our investments, we’ll work with our portfolio companies to exit through trade sales to global players. We may consider listing on public offering. Whatever strategy the team decides on, however, our extensive investment experience and knowledge of the sector means we’re perfectly situated to deliver successful acquisitions and IPOs

Working with Endeavour Vision

  • What’s the company’s mission?
    Our mission is simple. We want to work with people who share our vision of investing in and growing dynamic medtech businesses while delivering value for society as a whole. We work with companies who share our core values of dedication, integrity, and passion to deliver change. This means we invest in only the most exceptional medtech companies – those with big ideas that’ll disrupt the status quo to deliver big outcomes.
  • Who’s on the Endeavour Vision team and what’s their background?
    Our success is reliant on our continued teamwork. That’s why we’ve built up a team with experience with all the elements needed to develop a successful medtech company. Our team is a perfect mix of investor expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and specialists in technology and life sciences. Endeavour Vision was designed to offer the most diverse range of competencies to get the best outcome for our portfolio companies and investors. It is thanks to these complementary backgrounds that we are able to develop and build thriving and successful medtech businesses.
  • What can I expect as an entrepreneur?
    We believe that for an investment to be successful, the partnership needs to be built on the right people, with the right experience, and the right approach. Ours is a team made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Because of our background, we know what it takes to help a young company to succeed in the medtech sector and so we bring more to our investment that just capital. By working with Endeavour Vision, medtech companies can rely on us to be completely engaged with their business – sharing our professional insights and opening doors across our extensive networks.
  • What can an investor company expect
    from working with Endeavour Vision?
    As an investor in Endeavour funds, you’ll have access to some of the most exciting and inventive companies in the one of the fastest growing healthcare sectors. There are massive opportunities in this area, and our portfolio shows that those who invest with us can trust in our strong track record to deliver solid returns. This is based on our unrivalled industry knowledge, rigorous selection process, extensive network and excellence in executing our proven strategy.
  • Why should I choose Endeavour Vision?
    Our approach is unique in this sector. No other company has our real life experience in growing medtech businesses, in the US, in Europe and in Asia. Our focus and familiarity with medtech means all our investments go through a consistent evaluation process that is followed up by rigorous due diligence. One of our greatest strengths is the impact we have in helping our portfolio companies achieve their objectives. We don’t stand on the side lines. We engage at all levels of the business to help the company prosper – a benefit for both innovator and investor. Our investors rely on us not to take unnecessary risks. That’s why we only invest at the scale-up stage of a company, not at start-up. The companies we invest in have already had clinical and regulatory successes and are looking for someone to help them make that next step - be it market launch, expansion into a new geography, or consolidation.

How do I submit a proposal?

  • What’s the best way to reach you? Do I need an introduction?
    While it’s always helpful to be referred by an industry contact or friend of the firm, we do take speculative submissions. You can email your business plan to us here: deal@endeavourvision.com. Make sure you do a little research before you get in touch. Have a look at our current and past portfolio to ensure your project fits in with our investment focus.
  • How do I submit my business plan to Endeavour Vision for consideration? What information is most helpful?
    While a complete business plan is always very helpful, a concise executive summary usually gives us enough information for a preliminary evaluation.

Getting the right fit

  • What does the due diligence process consist of and how long before a decision is made about investing in my business?
    The old adage “time is money” is especially true in our business. We know you’re under pressure to quickly raise capital to grow your business and seize the opportunities open to you. However, as with any business transaction, a level of due diligence is required – from both parties. We try to conduct our due diligence as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We need to make sure that our investment in your business makes sense. We must be satisfied that any risks - financial, technical, managerial - are manageable and well understood. Every investment decision is different so there’s never an exact time frame for completing this analysis. Sometimes we’ll know a company and its management team for years before investing; others, we’ll know less than a month. Typically, it takes between six and twelve weeks to undertake a proper due diligence process. However, you can be confident that if we decide to invest in your company, we’ve done so unanimously. If we decide to move forward, Endeavour Vision’s full resources will be at your disposal and we will work together to make your business a success.