Sven Lingjaerde
Managing Partner

Sven is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Endeavour Vision. In 1996, he co-founded Vision Capital, a Trans-Atlantic technology venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Geneva. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Genevest, a Swiss venture capital firm that he joined in 1987. Through his leadership, Genevest developed an excellent track record of early to late stage investments in High Tech and Biotech ventures on both sides of the Atlantic.

With 20 years of Venture Capital experience, Sven has developed an extensive network in Europe, Silicon Valley, the Middle East and India. This network of contacts was leveraged through the European Tech Tour Association that he founded in 1998. The European Tech Tour Association is an independent non-profit organisation that identifies and promotes emerging European technology companies and exposes them to a selective group of high level executives, representing large technology corporate, international venture capital firms and corporate advisors.

Sven - a veteran European venture capitalist - was recognised for his contribution in shaping the European technology ecosystem through a number of awards and was featured in many international publications. Thanks to his reputation in the industry, he is regularly approached by entrepreneurs, investment firms and corporations with new investment opportunities.

Sven studied business administration at HEC, Lausanne, Switzerland and graduated from the ECADE business school, also in Lausanne.

He is a member of the YPO-WPO organisation, the premier global leadership network and is the former YPO Alpine chapters Chairman.

A keen skier and golfer, Sven is married and has three children. He is a former Norwegian citizen, became Swiss in 1972 and completed his time in the army as a first lieutenant in the armored forces.

Sven Lingjaerde

tel.: +41 22 544 6060
assistant.: Elisabeth Brøndum Jensen
vcard: open vcard

«I believe in influence, and influence is based on what you bring, not on what you request. »

Favourite question to entrepreneurs: « What would it take to grow faster? »

What he is looking for: ambitious but down to earth repeat entrepreneurs with scars and medals

What he fears: arrogance, lack of focus, small thinking, risk aversion

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