Eric Milledge
Operating Partner

Eric joined Endeavour Vision in 2009 to focus on new medtech investments and the development of the firm portfolio. Eric has been involved in all of the medtech investments for Endeavour II LP and is currently representing Endeavour on the board of ReShape.

Eric has more than 35 years of experience with Johnson & Johnson, starting there in 1973 as a sales representative in their affiliate, Ortho Canada. He quickly advanced through sales and marketing management positions before becoming a member of the Ortho Canada Management Board in 1981. In 1986, he relocated to the U.S. as national sales manager of Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation. He then progressed to hold Vice President positions in both corporate development and sales and marketing. In 1991, Eric became President of Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation and in 1993 he was named President for the newly created Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical.

Eric was named company Group Chairman for Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. in June 1998. Eric was also responsible for LifeScan, Inc. and spent considerable time building the LifeScan business in the Asia Pacific region. Throughout his career and through his global leadership roles Eric has spent 17 years traveling to Asia to build and develop healthcare businesses.

Eric has maintained many voluntary positions dedicated to the improvement of healthcare and medical technology – he most recently served on the Board of the Liberty Science Center and the Epilepsy Foundation. He has been honoured with many awards, including:

The Women’s Counselling Center in 1998
The Women’s Resource Center in 1994
The Epilepsy Foundation – 1994 Man of the Year award
The Martin House for Justice Foundation – 1999 Humanitarian of the Year
The American Diabetes Association – 2002 Father of the Year

Eric is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and gained an honorary Doctorate from St. Mary’s University in Economics and a B.Com degree from St. Mary’s University. He and his wife have a son and two daughters.


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