Project Description

Gianluca Attura, CEO Comprove

CEO: Gianluca Attura

Sector: Infotech
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Investment Stage: Late
Investment Status: Current
Year Invested: 2008


CommProve is already a recognised leading manufacturer of Network Monitoring Solutions and is delivering the promise of Big Data by offering a set of off-the-shelf Telecom Business Assurance applications. CommProve solutions monitor more than 330 million subscribers in real time, 24×7, across four continents and process more than 10 billion transactions daily in some production sites.

Under the umbrella of Business Assurance, the CommProve solution suite provides, Network Monitoring, Service Assurance, Customer Experience Management and Cell Optimization, these are completed by a state-of-the-art real-time Analytics Engine. QuantiQa NG solution provides a new way to assess a customer’s experience starting with a holistic view of the Quality of Experience perceived by the user and going down to the detail of the single user transaction. CommProve’s vision to offer new products and solutions to protect the Customer Revenue and steer OPEX/CAPEX investment decisions.

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