Project Description


CEO: Philippe Dro

Sector: Therapeutic devices
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Investment Stage: Exited
Investment Status: Acquired by Allergan in 2007
Year Invested: 2006


Endoart is a leader in providing quality of life-enhancing products for serious and debilitating medical conditions, such as obesity. The Company has developed and marketed the only implantable telemetrically controlled devices to provide flow control through the organs or vessels of the body.  These battery-free devices are powered, programmed and controlled remotely. Endoart’s initial commercial focus is the EasyBand Telemetrically Adjustable Gastric Band, which offers patients a pain-free option to enhance follow-up and compliance within a medically supervised weight loss program. Endoart already markets the clinically proven Flowatch-PAB in Europe for pulmonary artery banding in newborn infants. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Endoart was acquired by Allergan in 2007. 

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