Project Description

Endotis Pharma

CEO: Charles Woler

Sector: Biotech
Location: Paris, France
Investment Stage: Early
Investment Status: Exited in 2012
Year Invested: 2008

Endotis Pharma

Founded in 2003, Endotis Pharma was a specialty pharma company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-glyco drugs (SGDs) for applications in thrombosis and oncology.  Endotis Pharma built a well-balanced portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical stage compounds, either in-licensed (from Organon: EP42675, an anticoagulant that has completed two phase I, EP217609, the neutralizable form of EP4675 and EP224283, an antithrombotic which is in preclinicals) or generated by the company’s own drug discovery platform (EP37 program, focused on the oral prevention and treatment of thrombosis, and EP8000 program in oncology).  The SGDs developed by Endotis are based on fully synthetic oligosaccharides mimicking glycosaminoglycans, which is the core field of expertise of Endotis’ scientists.  

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