Project Description

CEO: David Coppins

Sector: Digital Health/Healthcare Services
Location: Quincy, MA, USA
Investment Stage: Growth
Investment Status: Current
Year Invested: 2020


IntelyCare has developed a Digital Health / Healthcare Services AI-based on-demand platform and mobile app that connects healthcare facilities in the United States with nurses to ensure appropriate and safe staffing levels. The company is focused exclusively on post-acute care facilities, which are skilled nursing facilities.

Post-acute care in the US currently faces a shortage of nurses, which has the potential to directly compromise the quality of patient care and, as a result, increase hospital readmissions and risk of penalties for the facilities concerned.

IntelyCare is addressing this unmet need and replacing a historical staffing business based on pen and paper with an AI-based technology platform that leverages advanced data science to more efficiently match unfilled per diem shifts with available nurses looking to work additional hours. IntelyCare enables facilities to fill open nursing shifts at a rate that is over 3x higher than the industry average.

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