Project Description


CEO: Dennis Wahr, M.D.

Sector: Medtech, Pulmonology
Location:  Maple Grove, Minnesota, US
Investment Stage: Early growth
Investment Status: Current
Year Invested: 2019


Nuvaira, Inc. is a privately held medical device company that develops minimally invasive products to improve outcomes for patients suffering from obstructive lung diseases by addressing underlying disease pathophysiology. Specifically, the company has developed a novel, catheter-based system to treat overactive airway nerves, a common disease feature of both COPD and asthma, in a procedure called Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD). Nuvaira received CE Mark approval for its Nuvaira® Lung Denervation System in January 2016.

Targeted Lung Denervation is a simple bronchoscopic procedure that disrupts pulmonary nerve input to the lung to reduce the clinical consequences of neural hyperactivity. Mechanistically similar to anticholinergics (the principal class of drugs for treatment of COPD) which must be taken daily to block the binding of acetylcholine in the lungs, the one-time TLD procedure can durably reduce acetylcholine release, and thus has the potential to reduce exacerbation risk, improve symptoms, and stabilise lung function.

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