Project Description

CEO: Art Taylor

Sector: Medtech, Orthopaedics
Location: Minneapolis, USA
Investment Stage: Growth
Investment Status: Current
Year Invested: 2018

Relievant Medsystems

Relievant Medsystems is a privately-held medical device company that has developed a novel, clinically proven treatment option to improve the quality of life for millions of patients suffering from chronic vertebrogenic low back pain. Chronic low back pain is a widespread and often severely debilitating condition that is estimated to affect nearly 30 million people in the US, of whom over 70 percent fail to find adequate relief with conservative care and are not candidates for surgery. Until recently, the intervertebral discs have been thought to be the primary source of pain, also referred to as discogenic pain, in many patients with CLBP. Relievant’s Intracept Procedure is supported by ground-breaking anatomic and clinical research that has demonstrated that the vertebral body endplates are a significant source of pain in many of these patients. This pain is now referred to as vertebrotgenic pain. It is estimated that over five million CLBP patients in the US have vertebrogenic pain and are candidates for the Intracept Procedure.

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