Our investment Approach

Endeavour Vision targets companies that have developed groundbreaking medtech solutions to address unmet medical needs, in large markets.

We invest in companies that have demonstrated the clinical benefits of their solutions through clinical trials and usually have received a first regulatory approval.

We love to partner with experienced and ambitious teams to help them bring their new solutions to patients and support the market adoption.

How we can help your business

Supporting our investments is as important to us as choosing them. Unlike many investors, we dedicate a substantial part of our time helping portfolio companies to achieve their goals.

Thanks to our unmatched global experience in medtech companies, we have supported companies with their strategies, clinical trials, regulatory work, hiring, product launches, financing and exit strategies and execution.

Here’s a sample of what we have done for some of our past investments

  • Introduced a company to Key Opinion Leaders enabling them to conduct clinical trials in Europe.
  • Challenged and improved the regulatory pathway to achieve the CE approval more quickly.
  • Recruited key executives and independent board members.
  • Proposed and managed the acquisition of key assets from a competitor for one of our portfolio companies, made possible due to our network.
  • Challenged and help redefine the European sales strategy for an American company.
  • Introduced new co-investors for a pre-IPO round with investors connected to Endeavour Vision, amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

Need to know more? Take a look at our FAQ.

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“As a trusted Board Member and Partner, Endeavour Vision brings a wealth of operational and financial experience to the team. They are interested in building companies the right way and creating a foundation for long-term accelerated growth, through a collaborative and detailed approach. Endeavour has always been a positive influence on our company and market. They are not only interested in representing transformational technologies but ensuring those technologies bring significant benefit to patients across the globe.”

Christopher M. OwensChristopher M. Owens, President & CEO, Gynesonics

“As the founding investor in CeQur, Endeavour Vision has been a great partner over the years, providing strategic input, on-going support and novel financing. The Endeavour Board Members bring a wealth of experience in R&D management, organizational management, marketing, regulatory affairs, clinical evaluation, and quality thus providing a resource for the CeQur management team to leverage as we work towards developing a successful product that will help thousands of patients with T2 diabetes achieve better glycemic control.”

Robert FarraRobert Farra, former CEO, CeQur Corporation

“We find in Endeavour Vision a unique and highly-sophisticated team, which adds significant value to our commercialization ramp-up. This includes strategic input, organizational development and talent acquisition. They’re an investment team which works closely with management to identify creative solutions to complex issues, leading the maximum value creation for the enterprise. I highly recommend Endeavour Vision as a valuable venture partner.”

Earl FenderEarl R.Fender, President & CEO, Vertiflex

“Endeavour Vision’s team brought an in-depth knowledge of our field – highlighted by impressive and thorough 360˚ due diligence, the long-term perspective required to build substantial companies, outstanding experience of bringing venture to financial success and an uncommon sense for team work. This is “smart money” at its best.”

Jaques R. Essinger, former CEO, Symetis