At Endeavour Vision, we believe that good business means making investments that consider the wider impact on society and the environment to deliver positive social and financial returns.

By backing innovation that aspires to transform healthcare, our investments naturally have positive societal impacts. We go beyond this by considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors at every stage of the investment cycle and working with our portfolio companies to develop their sustainability practices. We achieve this through “ESG health checks” where we objectively assess a company’s ESG performance and help to guide it towards continual improvement.

Our commitment

Endeavour Vision is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and a participant of the UN Global Compact Network in Switzerland & Liechtenstein. We embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategies and operations, and we are committed to respecting human and labour rights, safeguarding the environment, and working against corruption in all its forms.

UN Global Compact
Principles for Responsible Investment

ESG Whitepaper series:
Understanding ESG and healthcare innovation

Our whitepaper series takes a deep dive into what ESG is, why it matters, and how to put ESG into practice. Authored by members of our team, the series takes investors and leaders of early- to growth-stage healthcare companies on an “ESG journey” – sharing our key learnings and best practices for employing ESG strategies.

Resources for growth-stage healthcare technology companies

The work to support our portfolio companies in developing their sustainability practices has led to the collection and development of resources that are freely available to any early- and growth-stage company interested in this topic.

Impact analysis of Endeavour Medtech Growth II portfolio companies: Advancing healthcare and societal goals.

Impact analysis of Endeavour Medtech Growth II portfolio companies

As a signatory of the PRI, we are committed to annually reporting our progress towards responsible investing. In 2021, we published the first impact analysis of our EMG II fund, which summarises the clinical, health and social impact of our company portfolio.


“Endeavour Vision became our preferred partner to enter our next growth stage for a multitude of reasons. Aside from the deep level of expertise in HealthTech overall and their long-term perspective on creating sustainable change in the sector, we really valued the strong involvement of senior experts from the get go. As a result, the due diligence questions were sharp, challenging and to the point, which allowed us to dive into deep strategic conversations fast. Lastly, we simply clicked with the great team on a professional and personal level, who share the same passion to re-invent a much needed space.”

Kenbi CEOsKatrin Alberding and Clemens Raemy, Co-CEOs, Kenbi
“Endeavour Vision has been an invaluable investor in IntelyCare and a crucial partner to us in exceeding our high-growth goals and empowering healthcare heroes. Endeavour’s team has helped us identify key growth opportunities and has provided the capital needed to execute. From expanding our network of nursing professionals to building out our platform to help partnered facilities, Endeavour Vision’s leadership has been key to our rapid and sustained growth.”
David CoppinsDavid Coppins, CEO, IntelyCare
“As the founding investor in CeQur, Endeavour Vision has been an invaluable partner over the years, providing strategic input, on-going support and financing. I’ve enjoyed getting to know several members of the team, each bringing their own unique expertise, and all committed to our success. In the world of healthcare technology investors, you’d be hard pressed to find a better partner.”
Bradley PaddockBradley Paddock, CEO, CeQur Corporation

“We are delighted to have Endeavour Vision as our partner on Willow’s mission of building solutions to moms’ most meaningful problems. They bring deep passion for our work; robust and relevant industry insights; excellent connections; and they ask outstanding, perceptive questions that help us ensure we’re thinking about and tackling the most important topics.”

Laura Chambers, CEO, Willow

“Endeavour Vision is a trusted and highly effective global thought partner who believes in building a company the right way. Operationally the Endeavour Vision team has broad skill sets including product development, regulatory science, clinical execution, and product launches to help achieve our mutual vision of providing a safe and effective transformational therapy that becomes the standard of care for patients worldwide.”

Dennis Wahr CEO NuvairaDennis Wahr, CEO, Nuvaira

“ Endeavour Vision is an extremely thorough and thoughtful healthcare investor, and at Virtual Incision we sincerely value and appreciate their Series C support. EV brings domain knowledge and a global perspective to help us pioneer the use of mini-robots for abdominal procedures — great partners to have around our board table.”

John MurphyJohn Murphy, CEO, Virtual Incision Corporation

“We find in Endeavour Vision a unique and highly-sophisticated team, which adds significant value to our commercialization ramp-up. This includes strategic input, organisational development and talent acquisition. They’re an investment team which works closely with management to identify creative solutions to complex issues, leading the maximum value creation for the enterprise. I highly recommend Endeavour Vision as a valuable venture partner.”

Earl FenderEarl R.Fender, Previously President & CEO, Vertiflex; CEO, Nalu

“From our introductory meeting, through the diligence and investment process and now as an active board member, the Endeavour Vision team has been a great partner. The team brings deep insights and a pragmatic approach to assisting high growth companies across a broad array of disciplines. Moreover, the team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to our great partnership with Endeavour Vision as we continue to grow globally.”

Robert Spignesi, CEO, Rapid Micro Biosystems

“Endeavour Vision’s team brought an in-depth knowledge of our field – highlighted by impressive and thorough 360˚ due diligence, the long-term perspective required to build substantial companies, outstanding experience of bringing venture to financial success and an uncommon sense for team work. This is “smart money” at its best.”

Jaques R. Essinger, former CEO, Symetis
“As a trusted Board Member and Partner, Endeavour Vision brings a wealth of operational and financial experience to the team. They are interested in building companies the right way and creating a foundation for long-term accelerated growth, through a collaborative and detailed approach. Endeavour has always been a positive influence on our company and market. They are not only interested in representing transformational technologies but ensuring those technologies bring significant benefit to patients across the globe.”
Christopher M. OwensChristopher M. Owens, President & CEO, Gynesonics

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